Sponsored Riders

Since I started out as a veterinary physiotherapist I was keen to support local up and coming riders in the form of sponsorship. As a rider myself, I appreciate how much money we spend on keeping our horses fit and healthy and doing what they do best. It seems we are always paying for something - shoes, teeth, worming, supplements or the latest gadget. Veterinary physiotherapy is not always on the top of the list, but can really make a difference. So I went about finding a rider to sponsor. I didn't appreciate how hard it would be to decide on only one person, from so many that were all worthy of my support. I decided to offer a package of treatments for a period of 12 months with the plan to change rider each year .......................... well that didn't really happen. I just seemed to add to the list. So I now have three sponsored riders that I support year on year. The nice thing about that is I get to share the journey with them and be part of their team. Chelsea Skelton, International Showjumper, Kerry Sedgwick, British Dressage and Hannah Scully, British Eventing. Almost a full complement of disciplines - I do like the variety!!   

Chelsea Skelton

Is a young International Showjumper who has been jumping BSJA since 2010.

Kerry Sedgwick

Kerry completes in dressage on her chestnut mare Millie. They have been together since 2015 and in 2017 completed their first BD season,

Hannah Scully

Hannah is an event rider from Lincolnshire, currently competing at BE Intermediate Level on Dylan who she has produced from a 4 year old.