Kerry Sedgwick

Millie and I have been in partnership (mostly on Millie's terms (typical chestnut mare)) for 2 years. After spending 2015 getting to know each other and building our partnership with training and small dressage competitions I felt we were ready to contest some of the larger unaffiliated dressage championships, so 2016 saw us qualifying for the Equine Sports UK Championships and UK Riders. We attended both competitions and I was so pleased that we came home as champions at novice level, YAY!! We have spent the rest of this season so far training with Tessa Fielder, working our way to compete at Elementary level and going to compete British Dressage.

In 2017 we did our first season at BD and it all seemed to be going well. We qualified for the Area Festival second round so off we went. Unfortunately we didnt get placed but I am looking forward to the 2018 season.

My other little horse Pants, is my special boy. He owes me nothing! He came to me 9 years ago in poor condition. He has totally exceeded all my expectations even qualifying for the dressage championships at Badminton. He has won at various championships including 2017 Novice UK Riders Exracehorse Novice Champion.

I am super lucky to have 2 lovely, beautiful and characterful horses and looking forward to the season ahead.