Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a popular modality within human medicine and has increasing popularity within the animal sector as well. Unlike laser, TENS and NMES it is not really electrotherapy, it a mechanical energy using sound waves, rather than electrical energy. 

Ultrasound is best used on collagen based tissues such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, joint capsule and scar tissue. Ultrasound stimulates key cells in the inflammatory process. It promotes the sequence in the inflammatory cascade, making it more efficient leading to a rapid resolution of oedema. 

Ultrasound is useful for the following: 

  • Treatment of tendon and ligament injuries by enhancing collagen production (quality and extensibility) 
    • Reduction of scar tissue & adhesions 
    • Influences the remodelling & functional capacity of the scar tissue
    • Enhances the appropriate orientation of the newly formed collagen fibres
    • Assists in the change from type III to type I collagen
  •  Reduction of spasm  
  •  Reduction of pain 
  •  Increase tissue pliability / metabolic rate  
  •  Accelerates wound healing  
  •  Stimulates repair in soft tissue injury