Physiotherapy Treatment

Just like humans, horses benefit from physiotherapy particularly those who are recovering from an injury or have a long term chronic condition. Manual and electrotherapies can aid the healing process, manage scar tissue formation, reduce pain and restore function. As part of an ongoing maintenece plan, physiotherapy modalities can enhance athletic ability by addressing minor musculoskeletal issues prior to them developing into injury, enhancing the funtion of the musculoskeletal system which in turn will have apositive impact upon the horses' performance, which is particularly important for those horses training and competing on a regular basis.

However it is not just performance horses or those that are injured that can benefit. Physiotherapy can help also relieve stiffness and discomfort in older horses, enhance relaxation and well-being and improve function in all horses.  

Does your horse ..........

  • put it's ears back, bite, kick out or refuse to stand still when you approach with tack?
  • react to the girth being tightened?
  • refuse to stand still when being mounted?
  • have a short, choppy stride?
  • lack bend or feel stiff when riding?
  • Frequently stumble?
  • rear or buck uncharacteristically?
  • struggle to work in an outline?
  • frequently change canter leads or become disunited?

What to expect .....

Prior to your initial assesssment you will be asked to complete an initial question form containing essential information including a history of the horse. If you have not been referred by your vet, at this point I will contact your vet for consent to treat.

During the first session a full static and dynamic assessment will be conducted, palpation of the horse and treatment of anything found. 

Please make sure your horses' coat is dry and free of mud to enable effective assessment to take place.

In House Rehabilitation

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