Stretching is common place in the human sports field and a major component in any musculo-skeletal rehabilitation programme.   Incorporating stretching into any exercise programme helps to improve flexibility, reduce injury and enhance performance, furthermore stretching can help balance, proprioception and limb placement.

It is important to stretch warm muscles. Warming tissues before stretching increases the range of motion (ROM) by increasing the extensibility of collagen within the tendon and joint capsule.

Indications for stretching:

  • Loosen tight muscles
  • Improve postural balance
  • Mobiise restricted joints
  • Improve relaxation of muscles
  • Develop body awareness
  • Improve circulation
  • Help prevent injuries as part of warm up
  • Improve performance
  • Improve recovery from exercise related muscle soreness
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve recovery from training and competition