Electrotherapy has a long established place within physiotherapy to treat a wide variety of conditions. The evidence would suggest that when the appropriate modality is applied for the presenting problem at the correct dose it can make a significant contribution to the improvement and well being of the patient. 

Like many therapies however, be it drug, manual or exercise therapy, electrotherapies do not always work for everyone. If an animal does not respond to a therapy it does not mean that all therapies would be a waste of time, it is about finding the best approach for that particular animal. 

Healing is an essential but very complex process. It involves the integrated actions of cells, matrix and chemical messengers to restore tissue integrity as quickly as possible. Cells can be forced or encouraged to increase their activity levels â€â€œ using drugs, heat or other energy sources such as ultrasound or laser light. By increasing cell activity, it does not change what the cell does, but the amount of work that it is doing, thus making the healing process a more efficient one. 

Sarah offers a variety of electrotherapies within her scope of practice including laser, ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, TENS and NMES in addition to the manual therapies on offer. Where it is deemed appropriate through assessment and clinical reasoning, electrotherapies are incorporated into her treatment plan, but also used as a stand alone treatment. If you would like to discuss the various treatment modalities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.