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I had a fantastic time yesterday with Willow Farm Pony Club, Thorpe Fendykes, at their summer camp.  I spent two hours with 20 young horse enthusiasts aged between 4 and 15 years. Armed with paint brushes, paint (lots of), white t-shirts (not white for very long) and Lora's grey competition horse Parker (also soon to be in need of a wash) we set to painting on the superficial muscles of the horse onto Parker - which apart from the humiliation of becoming rainbow coloured, I think secretly enjoyed all the fuss and attention.

He stood for nearly two hours whilst enthusiastic riders took turns to eagerly paint muscles on him. At the same time, 4 volunteers donned their white t-shirts, whilst their team mates painted the corresponding muscles onto each other. To finish, Parker our portable canvas was then put through his paces on the lunge so everyone could see the muscles in action.  A great afternoon, thank you to all the riders and the coaches for inviting me to your camp to share in some of the pony club fun. 

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