Welcome to the homepage of Sarah Harris Veterinary Physiotherapist.

Sarah provides veterinary physiotherapy throughout Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties. She specialises in the maintenance and rehabilitation of horses; identifying and treating imbalances and supporting movement and function from top level sports horses to horses used for pleasure and not forgetting our older horses. Regular maintenance sessions are beneficial to all levels of horse to help keep them performing at their best and enabling riders to maximise time spent riding. For older animals and those with long term chronic conditions, physiotherapy can help comfort levels by addressing any musculoskeletal issues that arise and provide support to owners in terms of home exercise programmes and training advice to enable to you get the most from your horse.For those competing on a regular basis, including physiotherapy as part of your horses training and conditioning programme will make sure they are in the best condition possible for those competitions. Pre-competition can help maximise performance, whilst post-competition will help to speed up recovery times.

Sarah uses a variety of modalities within her work, including massage, soft tissue manipulation, stretching and many electrotherapies including low level laser therapy (LLLT), ultrasound and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). She also provides remedial exercise programmes where appropriate. 

Sarah works with animals other than horses, particularly dogs. If you are unsure whether physiotherapy may be suitable for your animal, please get in touch for a no obligation chat.  

The therapies offered here are not an alternative to conventional veterinary treatment. Veterinary consent is required for all complimentary therapies so please have a chat with your vet prior to treatment. Alternatively, I am happy to speak to them on your behalf.